Weed Control Services in Tucson, AZ

Weed control services are now available at Got Bugs? Exterminating. What does this mean to you?
Weed removal — Weed removal and control services in Tuscon, AZ
While you may already be aware of weeds on your property, please read below and think about the following questions and answers.
First and foremost, what kinds of plants are weeds and how do they differ from desirable plants?
The loosest, most open definition of a weed is: an unwanted plant. A narrower definition of a weed is any plant that competes with desirable plants for food, water, space, air and light. Weeds can be any number of plant types, regardless of physical structure, life cycle, place of origin or purpose for growing. True noxious weeds, as opposed to desirable plants, tend to grow more aggressively and produce seeds in prolific amounts, crowding out desirable vegetation.
In short, weeds are INVASIVE.